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We strives to provide quality ladies vintage clothing and accessories. You will find our apparel items to be in excellent to good condition. However it is important to keep in mind that a "used" vintage item in excellent condition should not be considered brand new although we do sell many other new and brand name couture designer vintage looks within our ladies vintage apparel collection.

Below we have created a reference guide so that our customers can understand how we determine the overall condition of each
vintage apparel item for sale. Due to the collector value of any vintage clothing or vintage accessory item we suggest handling all vintage apparel with the utmost tender loving care to prolong the life of such.

When determining our ratings we take into consideration the following factors:

Condition of fabrics
Overal construction of the garment or accessory
Discolorations, stains or spots present
Holes, snags or tears
Condition of any finished details such as zippers, trim, buttons, bead work, appliques, etc.


Includes all vintage items that are brand new or if in used condition, show very little to no signs of any wear whatsoever.


Item appears to have been well cared for and in very good used condition. Slightly more signs of wear but are difficult to see unless
you are actually looking for it and not readily visible or noticeable for the most part, when worn. Any flaws are minimum at best.


Item in general good condition with perhaps just a couple of minor flaws noted which should not affect the wearabilty or use of said apparel. Some examples of such might include but not limited to discolorations, loose or missing buttons or closures, a small stain or snag that is not easily noticed or appears on an item than would be deemed very good otherwise. Possibly some repair needed.


All of our vintage apparel items are checked over and graded on their overall condition once we have acquired them and then again when measured and photographed for display on this site, as well as before shipment to YOU, after purchase. We take great care in shipping our vintage apparel and accessories because we want you, our customers, to be completely happy with your purchase.

DISCLAIMER: We make every attempt to accurately describe a vintage apparel items age or the date range by using a combination of research as well as our own area of expertise in vintage fashion industry. Since we are not the original designer or manufacturer for any of the ladies vintage clothing items or accessories presented, we cannot however guarantee the EXACT age of an item, but do our best to estimate such. Nor can we make a promise on longevity with use. This includes but is not limited to the construction, fabrics used or materials, pigments, dyes, trims and adornments presented on the garment.

When purchasing a used vintage apparel item it's normal to expect some natural wear of the item, due to the age of the garment and it's previous use. However, as humanly possible, we make every attempt to list any flaws within our item descriptions, such as any prominent stains, discoloration, missing buttons or embellishments.
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